Saturday, October 11, 2014

Release Date

SAFE WORDS is set for release by Loose Id on Novermber, 25 2014.

Detective Eleanor Silver is a woman living outside her own life. Nothing feels real except her job as a homicide detective in Kansas City and the alcohol she guzzles after work.

Investigating two murders, the mutilations of a prostitute, then a prominent lawyer, Silver is struck by a connection. Both are sexually dominant women involved in the world of bondage, dominance, and sado masochism, or BDSM.

Lost in an entirely new world, Silver follows her new guide. Anderson Wells is a professor of psychology and a man involved in the BDSM lifestyle as a sexual submissive. He sees in her the strong and forceful woman he craves. She sees in him a man strong enough to surrender control. As the two are drawn together, new murders and his own lie make Anderson a suspect and then a target. Brutus, another detective and Silver’s ex-lover has his own secret life and connections to the killings. He sees forcing a confession from Anderson as the only way to clear his own name.

Eleanor Silver has to let go of her pain to claim for herself the life she wants and risk everything to save the man she loves.