Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Cool Is This?

Forgive me blog gods because I am a poor servant. I get tied up in everything else and forget to come update the blog. Every once in a while someone jostles my elbow and tells me to get back to it.

So much has happened since my last posting-life has actually changed in several ways. There have been more losses and family continues its eternal becoming. People change, grow, leave, all while imprinting tracks on our lives. Sometimes I get pulled into examining the fossils of my own life.

So that's a reason but no excuse. As I always say about this blog-I will try to do better.

News-News-News, there is news.

SAFE WORDS is a Top Pick on The Romance Reviews and the official review is 5 stars. Check it out.

Another bit of news for SAFE WORDS - It is a finalist in two categories for the Golden Flogger Award from the BDSM Writer's Con

There ended up being a name spelling issue but I'm proud none the less.

Aside from SAFE WORDS some of you know that I have a new book, THE END OF SUMMER. The news is that THE END OF SUMMER was a huge surprise to me. I had sent it only to a few publishers bypassing agents and not expecting too much. The book got interest and offers from every publisher. All of them were great to work with and had so much to offer.  Honestly I was torn and wished I had a book for everyone. In the end I had to go with Kensington Publishing for a multi book deal. THE END OF SUMMER and Sheriff's Detective Katrina Williams are to be a series. How cool is that?