Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Busy and Odd

Tonight I attended a FB release party for my friend Sierra Cartwright and her new novel, CLAIM. A good time was had by all.

The last few days have been busy and strange. Strange not that they were busy but strange in that way only ordinary lives can be when they take that turn. You know the one, not the quck jerk to the left but a slow canting that has gone wild before you even know your vector is off. Odd, like a man walking up to you in McDonald's and with no introduction telling you he just came from another state where we went to hook up with a woman from a dating site. Then he shows you pictures on his phone of all the lovely women he is corresponding with. I attract odd like a bare bulb attracts moths.

At least the odd in my life does little to affect the run of my work. The same cannot be said for my busy. The changes I recently made in my personal goals have helped though. Instead of shooting for a daily goal that sometimes just cannot be accomodated I work toward an average. I even created a spread sheet to track things.

SAFE WORDS is out and just kind of hanging there. I committed to not asking friends and family to jump in and buy. I wanted an honest reaction to the book and the reaction so far is ignorance. That is ignorance of its existance. Understandable I guess so I am workind the social media to put the word out. I am confident enough in the content to offer it up to reviewers but so far no takers.

The new book is END OF SUMMER. It is, like SAFE WORDS, a mystery/suspense novel with a strong female lead. The difference is that it is, at this point, not nearly as erotic. The similarity is that it almost begs for more heat. At this point it is a straight mystery. I wanted to write something like an Ace Atkins, Quinn Colson novel only with a woman. Changing the gender changes everything. Not everything is a shoot out and, I think, you think about motivation more. A guy in an action book tends to deal with the situation. A woman must deal with the people. It makes things both different and more interesting. I hope anyway.

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