Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hard Work

The hard work of writing a book is selling it. I'm not sure if I've sold any copies of SAFE WORDS yet. With this one I haven't asked friends or family to buy. Most of them have been told, and they may buy, but I'm not asking them to.

In the last couple of days I've added a Twitter account, @DruryJamison and created a Goodreads profile. On Goodreads, find me here, I have to admit I gave my own book a rating of five stars. But I wrote a review that said it was my book and the rating is just me voting for myself.

On Amazon, I created my Author's Page with my bio and twitter feed. It's all just putting in the work to get people to notice another voice in the noise. You can only hope that some people like the voice and want to share it.

Because of Thanksgiving and doing all the social media I have fallen behind in my word count for the current book, END OF SUMMER. Time to get back to that work.

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